The activities of the Global Citizens Rights

  1. To educate the public to vote massively and increase the vote register during election.
  2. To educate the public to decrease the rejected ballot during election.
  3. To sensitize the public why to vote? How to vote? When to vote? Where to vote? during election.
  4. To educate the citizens to know their rights, to vote right and give right power to the right leaders during election.
  5. To spread flyers with message of tolerances, peace as well as the do’s and don’ts of the electioneering process.
  6. To assist citizens to monitor and observe election process.
  7. To provide electoral consultation and technical support to election process.
  8. To promote peace, equal rights and justice for citizens across the globe.
  9. To educate the public to make a right vote and right power during election.
  10. To defend and protect the rights of a citizens in crisis and challenges.
  11. To educate the citizens to know their rights as citizen of the country