Management Team


The Global Citizens Rights is highly managed by the management who are very honest, committed, devoted, competent leaders with expertise of election procedure.

The management team of the Global Citizens Rights does not expose their political identity to the public, no use of the Global Citizens Rights as platform to campaign for any political part to win or come to power.

The management team of Global Citizens Rights hides their political identity not to educate the public whom to vote but to educate and update the public.

  1. Why to vote?
  2. How to vote?
  3. When to vote?
  4. Where to vote? at every polling station in every constituency.

The Global Citizens Rights management team has not be authorized to declare a winner or loser but to witness and confirm voting and counting of the vote and take a proper record of the right vote and the rejected ballot at every polling stations in every constituency for the appreciation of the public in the whole process.

The management team of Global Citizens Rights organizes forum on election related issues where political party representatives would be given platforms to articulate their vision to the electorate.

The management team of the Global Citizens Rights educate and sensitize the students,religious bodies,communities,organizations to know their rights and responsibilites ,live rights and enjoy the benefits of citizens rights.

The management team of the Global Citizens Rights with Law enforcement bodies and the media in their monitoring activities for the safety of both the electorate and the ballot nation-wide.

The management  team of the Global Citizens Rights protect,defend and save the citizens who is suffering abuse yet can not seek justice because of what the stand to lose by their disconnected with their oppressors.

The Global Citizens Rights management team educate the citizens to know the concept of human rights,what is it all about?  and the target vision for implementaion of human rights amongs Ghanaians and other citizens in other parts of the world.

The management team is led by Mr. Mathew Milla, who is the CEO/Founder of Global Citizens Rights.

  1. CEO/Founder
  2. Chairman General
  3. General Secretary
  4. Director of Operations
  5. Director of Communication
  6. Financial Secretary
  7. International Relations Manager
  8. Director of Research & Investigation
  9. Human Resources Manager
  10. Lawyers
  11. Campaign Organizers
  12. Production and Supply Manager
  13. Director of Human Rights
  14. Director of Protocol
  15. Marketing Manager
  16. Director of Administration
  17. General Manager
  18. Director of Information Technology
  19. Director of Affairs
  20. Counselors / Advisors