The GCR provides (three) types of membership ID Card authorized and approved by the GCR Management Board for our respectful and qualified members across the globe. The GCR International Membership Identification Card has been designed to authorize and identify our members as the legal members across the globe for assistance of citizens’ rights, election observation and humanitarian support.

Please find below the GCR Membership Cards and request any type by completing the membership card form sign and forward to the GCR management staff to decide if you are qualified for the GCR international membership identification card.

  1. Gold Membership ID Card
  2. Silver Membership ID Card
  3. Bronze Membership ID Card


The applicant has the right to make their own choice of the type of membership ID card they need.

But the Global Citizens Rights Management Board authorizes Membership ID Card to the applicants according to their occupations, positions and the legal information and necessary documents attached submitted to the Global Citizens Rights.