Become a GCR Member


The applicants should apply to become an official Global Citizens Right members/supporter. The applicants’ should carefully read the GCR Terms and conditions and make sure they agree to comply this terms and conditions as they can be amended from time to time.

The applicants need to send the GCR the following details and the management of the GCR will verified if the applicant is qualified to become a GCR member/supporter

  1. Fill application form.
  2. Attach passport Pictures (White background)
  3. Attach full body Picture (White background)
  4. A valid cope of any of the identification documents / Card. Eg. International Passport, Voter ID, NHIS, Driving Licenses, International Identification Card that confirms the applicant’s full name and age.

The applicants should submit the application to any of the GCR branch office or Email all the supporting documents to or

Note: the management staff of the GCR shall respond or confirm to you by mail or phone contact within seven (7) working days and your approval and membership authority letters and International membership ID card shall be ready within thirty (30) to sixty (60) working days of collection at GCR Branch office or by person or mail through the post address you provided during your application submission.

The applicants who has been approved to become a GCR member / supporter and did not receive the GCR membership authority letters and GCR international membership ID card during this period should please visits the GCR Branch Office or contact the GCR through phone call and email address with the date of registration conformation and approved by GCR management.