The Global Citizens Rights plead and appeal to all the general public, governmental bodies and private organizations across the globe to please donate or assist us with fund and logistic support to positively and effectively.

  • Educate and sensitize the citizens to know their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the country.
  • Promote peace, equal rights and justice for citizens across the globe.
  • Educate and sensitize the public to make a right vote to decrease rejected ballot during election.
  • Educate and sensitize the public why to vote? How to vote? When to vote? Where to vote? during election.
  • Assist the citizens to monitor and observe election process across the globe.
  • Spread flyers with message of tolerances, peace as well as the do’s and don’ts of electioneering process.

The Global Citizens Rights Management Board would highly appreciate and accept the type of used cars, desk top computers, laptop computers, projectors, cameras, mobile phones, photocopiers, printers and office facilities to spread the Global Citizen’s Rights campaign message and products across the globe.